Payments Books and Courses


Here are some books related to payments and related areas that can help you develop your knowledge


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Hi Santosh,
Add some courses as well here which People can take for Knowing Payments more in details and by classroom Online course.

Sure .. I will add some courses soon

Looking forward to attending a course

I will add some courses soon

Cannot see any book name n referred courses .pls share direct link

I have provided links to a few books and I am planning to put together a list of courses soon

Hi sir,

As your topic content is crisp and clear, can pls post something about payment gateway, RTGS/ NEFT, ACH ( automatef clearing house), and UPI payment etc

I have discussed RTGS/ACH in my payment introduction article. The rest I will try to cover.

Hi Santosh,
Is there any tutorial related to GPP? If yes, please let me know.


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