Business Analyst Interview Question

business analyst interview questions

Now that the job market is booming and there are a lot of interviews happening, I thought of compiling the business analyst interview question list.

Note: This list is not exhaustive and must be used at the final stage of preparation.

Most of these questions were directed at me during my years of being interviewed. If you know the answers to all of these, then you should be good 😊 You can also use this list to learn about BA topics

Business Analyst Interview Question

  1. What are the roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst?
  2. What are the key deliverables of a Business Analyst?
  3. What are the techniques used to gather requirements?
  4. What is a requirement priority?
  5. How will you prioritize requirements?
  6. What are the different requirement gathering techniques?
  7. What is FSD and who are the intended stakeholders?
  8. What is BRD and who are the intended stakeholders?
  9. What are the contents of a BRD?
  10. What are the contents of a FSD?
  11. What is a use case document?
  12. What are the different sections of a use case document?
  13. What are the main issues faced in collecting requirements?
  14. Have you ever worked in the UAT phase? If yes what was your contribution?
  15. Have you worked on Agile?
  16. What are the differences in the role of a BA in an Agile and waterfall model?
  17. How will you ensure that you have captured the requirements correctly?
  18. How will you ensure that you have captured all the requirements?
  19. What is a requirement?
  20. How will you classify if the reported issue is a defect?
  21. What are Features, Epics and user stories?
  22. What are the contents of a User Story?
  23. Could you give an example of how an Epic is split into user stories?
  24. What are the tools you use to capture requirements?
  25. Why you think a business analyst in needed in a project?
  26. Can you tell me the most challenging situation you had faced as a business analyst? And how you solved it?
  27. Could you please explain MoSCoW technique?
  28. What are UML diagrams?
  29. What are the different types of UML diagrams?
  30. What is a SRS?
  31. What are the contents of a SRS?
  32. How will you ensure that a requirement can be understood and actioned upon?
  33. What is gap analysis?
  34. What are the types of gap analysis?
  35. How you handle last minute requirements ?
  36. What is scope creep and how do you handle the same?
  37. What are the types of requirements?
  38. How do you capture NFRs ?
  39. What is a CR and how do you handle a CR ?

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